District Committees: Terms of reference can be found here

  • French Advisory 2 parent positions meets 1-2 times a year
  • One Learning Community 1 parent vote, open for all to attend meets monthly(?)
  • Long Term Facilities 1 parent meets 5-6 times a year
  • Middle School review 1 parent vote, open to all they have not yet met(?)

VCPAC Committees

  • Awards Committee
    • Plan, organize and facilitate the event. Meet as needed to make a memorable event.
  • Vancouver Island Parent Conference
    • Various levels of participation. Meets as needed. Many hands make light work.
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Work with Marketa on the initiatives we are collaborating on at district and municipal level ie reunification exercises in January

Future possibilities to be decided at a future general meeting

  • Parent Education committee
    • Coordinate events hosted by School PACs when open to all district parents, perhaps help connect PACs with similar plans
    • Develop a list of topics and speakers VCPAC may include in their General Meeting agendas
    • Arrange for speakers and advertising when VCPAC is involve at that level
  • Leadership training committee
    • Poll the PAC leaders as to what is needed and help find speakers (experienced PAC leaders?) to address the topic
    • Decide what venue is best to address identified issues
    • Plan or organize networking events such as PAC congress, PAC summit, coffee chat groups, evening appies, etc to support leadership development

The One Learning Community Committee meeting addressing dress codes is on October 25th at 4pm in the School Board office.

Hello Everyone

I am pleased to announce that the school district is now able to accept Donations through School Cash Online.  Donations can be made online by parents and community members and all of the accounting entries for the donations will be processed by Financial Services.  This will save the School Accounts Clerks/Administrative Assistants time as it will help to eliminate the collection, tracking, deposit and creation of entries for all donations made online.  There are no administration fees associated with making donations through School Cash Online.

Two “Fund Destination” accounts have been set up for each school.  One account is set up in the “School Name” to accept donations made to the school, and the second account is set up in the “School Name - PAC” to accept donations made to the school’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  The donations made to the school’s PAC will be deposited into the school’s PAC non-public fund account and expenditures from this non-public fund account must be made in consultation with the PAC.  The donated funds cannot be transferred to the PAC.

Each school’s website has been updated with a “Make a Donation” button that will direct donors to the donation form.  Alternatively, the “Make a Donation” option can be found under the Items Tab on  Donors will need to have an existing School Cash Online account or they will need to create an account prior to making a donation.  The donor will  complete the donation form by selecting a donation amount and the school they are donating to under “Fund Destination”.  The donor will then add the item to their cart and proceed to check out.  Income tax receipts for online donations will automatically be generated and emailed to the donor upon payment regardless of the amount being donated. 

Instructions on how to register for a School Cash Online account and a document that can be sent to parents about School Cash Online are attached.  Once the account is created, donations and payments for items such as field trips, fees, yearbooks and spirit wear can be made online using Visa, MasterCard or eCheck (an electronic version of a paper check).

We ask that all schools highlight the online donation and payment option by sharing information with parents and community members about the ability to make donations and payments online.

Please contact either Kate Patstone at or Angeline Heer at if you have any questions.


Debra Laser, CPA,CA

Associate Secretary-Treasurer


Welcome to School Cash Online

Step-by-Step Registration for SCO

Copies of the two letters VCPAC sent to the board regarding enrollment priorities can be viewed here:

May 31 2017

June 23 2017



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