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Chair – Audrey Smith
Vice-Chair – Jodi Whiteman
Secretary – Amanda Panthall
Treasurer – Dan del Villano
Director – Marketa Lund
Director – Val Montague
Director – Janine Konkel

There are still two openings for director.  If you have a parent on your PAC who may be interested, please contact for more details.

After the DisasterParents have an important role in the school's emergency plan and need to ensure they have a plan of their own. How will your family find each other if you are separated during a catastrophic disaster?

Have you authorized guardians to pick up and care for your child(ren) if you, or your partner can't make it to the school right away? Are these people familiar with the District Reunification Procedures.

Schools will use the Double Gate System for reunification to establish a safe area for staff to release students to parents, or authorized guardians in the aftermaths of a disaster.

A workshop on emergency planning will be held at each school practising a reunification drill. This workshop is intended for parents, students, school staff, and anyone who is listed as an authorized guardian on a student's release form. 

Every parent in the District is encouraged to attend a workshop and familiarize themselves with the school's emergency plan and District emergency procedures. Families will have an opportunity to practise their emergency plan during a school reunification drill.

Parents are asked to R.S.V.P with the school PAC hosting the workshop, this will guarantee you get a seat. Don't forget to mention if you are attending from a different school, this will ensure that there are appropriate resources at the workshop for you.

For more information please contact:

Marketa Lund, VCPAC Director - Emergency Preparedness

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