City of Victoria Municipal Election Day is Oct 20.

In order to inform the public on issues and solutions the Fernwood Community Association, the FCA, is sponsoring 3 all candidate meetings.  The one for trustees is as follows:

Meet the Candidates” for School Trustee District 61 (Victoria)

Location: The Fernwood Community Association‘s Paul Phillips Hall-1923 Fernwood Rd 

Date: Tuesday Oct 16

Time: 7-9 pm  

Format: Trade Fair Style

Events leading up to a school’s reunification drill include staff training and an emergency planning workshop for parents and anyone who is listed on the Student(s) Release Form. Registration is required to guarantee a seat and to receive an emergency planning package.

You are welcome to attend this workshop at any school. Invitations will be sent to the host school and to schools in that family group first. Any remaining seats will then be available to all families in the School District.

Upcoming Workshops:

Margaret Jenkins      October 3rd      6:30 – 8pm

This workshop is now open to all and reservations can be made at the following link:

Sir James Douglas     October 17th    TBD

Invitations will be sent out next week

Reunification training will continue at 17 schools this school year. Drills will be held at the following schools, please save the date on your calendar.


Sir James Douglas       October 18

Margaret Jenkins         October 23

Spectrum                     November 30


James Bay                   March 8

Central Middle            April 8

Lansdowne                 April 16

South Park                  April 24

Doncaster                    May 9

Cedar Hill                   May 9

Mackenzie                   May 14

Strawberry Vale          May 23

Vic West                     May 30

Rockheights                May 31

Hillcrest                       June 4

Tillicum                       June 5












Welcome back to a new school year and the paperwork that comes with it! This year the District will start implementing a standard student release form to be used by all schools.

Great news for parents! You fill out the form once, then, unless the information changes you will not need to fill the form out again next year. You can also list siblings at the same school, with the same last name, on same form.

Please remember to make a copy to keep with your family emergency plan, and a copy for every authorized guardian listed on the form to keep with their emergency plan.

Next week I will be posting some information in SNIPS about School Reunification Drills, and upcoming Emergency Planning Workshops.



Be Ready!


Don't forget PAC Gaming Grant applications are due by June 30.  For more information, visit: