Note:  The survey deadlines has been extended to Sunday, May 23rd at midnight.

Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC) has developed an Inclusive Learning* Parent Survey to collect evidence-based data on all learners' unique needs and experiences in the inclusive learning environments of schools within the Greater Victoria School District (SD 61). The key goal of the survey is to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable students and their classmates while helping improve all students’ learning experiences in SD61.

We invite you to complete the survey drawing on both your child's/children's and your experiences on their learning paths within the SD61 framework. It is important that as many voices as possible are heard to reflect commonalities and differences; each individual voice validates the collective voice. The survey results will be a stepping stone for VCPAC to determine areas where future advocacy, research and questions are needed.


Your feedback is important to us!

The survey will be open May 12 – 23.


Thank you,

Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils


* SD 61 definition of inclusive education: Inclusive Education in School District 61 is a way of thinking and acting, grounded in a belief that with the right supports, every learner can be successful in their schools and classrooms. Inclusive schools embrace the value of our diversity and see our differences as strengths. We believe that all students have an authentic sense of belonging in their school community and will be supported to develop their full potential in the academic, social-emotional and physical domains.