Gail Edwards Memorial Award

Kami Bourgeois

Kami Bourgeois

When Kami stepped forward to head the PAC body at Campus View, the parent group was very divided and conflicted. Volunteerism at the school was nearly non-existent. It was a difficult role that she took over, and she has managed to change the feelings of the parent body, and through her dignity and respect of teachers, administration, students and parents alike, has changed the landscape of Campus View Elementary.

Kami is an exceptional individual and someone the Campus View community can consistently count on to support and deliver various PAC initiatives throughout the school year. These opportunities, from school dances to year end fun fairs, ultimately benefit the overall learning and experiences of the students.

Recently a new initiative was started where Grade 4 and 5 students are teaching primary students games on the playground during recess. Kami willingly took on this initiative, participating in a training seminar, organizing schedules and attending weekly meetings with students.

Not only does Kami give unconditionally of her own time, but she does it in such a manner that it becomes contagious and makes others want to volunteer as well.

Arkell Award

Adam Kreek

Adam Kreek

Adam Kreek’s commitment to excellence in his rowing and all that it offers, shows Mt Douglas School Rowers such an inspirational example. He truly mentors them and makes them believe that they can achieve such goals in their rowing and in their commitment to community. He coaches them as often as he can and is always giving them pep talks. Adam Kreek’s tireless volunteer participation in the Mt Douglas Rowing has expanded it to the great numbers that it has today. Adam Kreek inspires the students by showing them what is possible and encouraging them to always do their best at rowing and at giving back.

Parents Choice Award

Ethelwyn Smith, Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer & Ethelwyn Smith

Ethelwyn Smith and Kelly Rimmer are a true example of the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Each offer unique talents while together they create a rich and exciting learning environment for all the students at Colquitz Middle School.

One of the greatest strengths shared between them is their ability to create a community by involving everyone. They are well respected by students, staff and parents and lead by example. During the past year, Colquitz has been working on initiatives to strengthen it's community within the school. Both Ethelwyn and Kelly have had a vital role in moving these initiatives forward.

In the words of Kelly to Ethelwyn, "You keep creating and I'll keep editing."