Award Winners

Gail Edwards Award

With a passion for education and a desire to share her knowledge, Vicki White exemplifies parent leadership. A natural advocate, Vicki has a special gift for listening to others and making them feel that their voice is important. With empathy and compassion, she makes people feel comfortable allowing others to trust that she will speak on their behalf when they are unable to represent themselves.

Vicki has worked tirelessly to promote parent involvement. and ensure parents are well-informed and welcomed. She talks with parents, shares information and makes connections at all levels. Her commitment to parents as partners in education has seen cultural ties built between teachers, administration and the PAC at Central that will benefit students and parents for years to come.

Vicki continually seeks new opportunities to advance her own personal development by attending conferences and participating in district committees. With an unfailing positive outlook, Vicki encourages others to be the best that they can be. In the words of Central's Principal, “I believe that this passion to make a difference for the benefit of students is an inspiration to others, and motivates parents to become involved in the system.”

Arkell Award

John Smith is this year's Arkell Award winner. John is a community member who volunteers tirelessly at Quadra Elementary School. Working along side school trustee Tom Ferris, John has been instrumental to the continuation of the breakfast program at Quadra by providing breakfast to the kids and gathering donations from the community to maintain the program.

Inspirational PAC Award

This year, we had two Inspirational PAC Award winners:

The Monterey Middle School PAC was awarded an Inspirational PAC award for exceptional parent leadership. The award was given in relation to the PAC's advocacy for guidelines to be established where construction will occur in schools occupied with children.

During the 2007 school year, Monterey underwent extensive renovations. Despite earlier assurances to parents that a joint parent and staff safety committee would be established, and that the learning environment would be protected during construction, there were many issues of concern, and no safety committee was ever established.

Recognizing that renovations and seismic upgrades are necessary and beneficial, Monterey parents Natascha and Stephen Perks initiated a proposal that guidelines be developed. To date, this proposal has been supported by the Monterey PAC, VCPAC and a resolution for advocacy to occur at the Provincial level was put forward and accepted by the membership of BCCPAC.

The Monterey PAC, under the leadership of its President Rhea Cavelti, responded courageously, effectively, and in a positive way, that has potential to benefit other schools, parents, and children throughout the Province.


Deep Cover Elementary School in North Saanich was our second recipient. For two years, they have given generously to two inner-city schools in our District. These funds have allowed students to participate in activities which otherwise would not have been possible.