Glossary of Terms

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Earthquake – surviving the big one Is a comprehensive planning and survival guide written especially for residents of coastal BC. It will prepare you for all aspects of an earthquake. 
Common and uncommon school problems Concerned parents of school age children cope with every crisis from “the dog ate my homework” to “ we got a call from the Principal today”…this essential guide explains the normal stages kids go through from preschool to high school, and helps parents diagnose and intervene to prevent small problems from growing serious.
Childrens’ minds A classic inquiry into the nature of human thought. Shows how thought and language originally depend upon the interpersonal contexts within which they develop, and how, given the support of such contexts, children are already skilled thinkers and language users by the time they come to school. 
In their own way

This book speaks to millions of parents and teachers with children who are experiencing less than desirable success in school. It shows that in most cases children are individuals with distinct personal learning styles and explains how to help them acquire knowledge according to these sometimes extraordinary aptitudes.

Self-esteem: A family affair  This book concerns all kinds of family settings, and the ways self- esteem is nourished for both parents and children. It offers creative ways to help self-esteem flourish for everyone using theory and techniques based on transactional analysis.
The challenge of child welfare  This work examines a number of issues, which represent the state of the art of child welfare in Canada. Several main themes emerge in the book- one being the lack of standardization of child welfare policy and practice in Canada since each province has its own regulations and policies and the dismantling of social service programs. 
A difference in the family A frank chronicle of the grief, rage and guilt everyone in a family suffers, and the adjustments each makes to accommodate the disabled child. 
Remaking mother hood  How working mothers are shaping our children’s future. 
What do I do now? Talking about teen pregnancy 
Professional child and youth care Provides a comprehensive analysis of the child and youth care field in Canada. 
Free money Shows you where and how to apply for the thousands of dollars you can receive from foundations, corporations, and other funding resources.
Parenting preschoolers Suggestions for raising young blind and visually impaired children
Choices in child care Quick reference helps parents choose the best child care for their child. Options are carefully examined, keeping in mind the child’s individual wants and needs and the parents’ priorities.
How to save the children An innovative resource guide filled with practical ideas to counter the effects of poverty and neglect on children.
Reinventing education  A detailed blueprint for change, reinventing education pulls no punches and offers a compelling argument for entrepreneurship in education.
Planning your child’s education Provides a basic for an organized and informed approach to the key decisions you must make as a parent.
The part time solution The new strategy that allows you to work after motherhood without sacrificing your career your family- or your sanity.
Power of the family Tapping the power of family life to strengthen, revitalize, and heal.
Alone after school A self-care guide for latchkey children and their parents.
Back in control Is based on a highly successful program that has helped thousands of parents regain control over their children. Without compromising your values away or kicking the kids out of the house, it offers you the simplest, most effective method of childhood discipline to date.
Winning weight loss Is a breakthrough easy to follow effective weight loss program that helps young people gradually gain to build a whole new way of eating and looking at food, so that they can take off weight and keep it off.
Cholesterol & children Adapts a cholesterol reduction program to the special needs and problems in this important book.
Home alone kids Guide to help parents and kids for whom after-school care means staying home alone.
A parent’s survival guide How to cope when your kids is using drugs.
Money and the single parent Is one of a series of short, easy to follow financial guides written to apply directly to your life.
The ultimate kid Is for all parents and teachers who want to bring the most out of their children, Based on the latest learning theories in brain research, seven critical areas of child’s development are addressed to create a whole, balanced education.
Parents at their best Remedies for today’s troubled families.
A parent’s guide to teenage sexuality For parents who want their teenagers to know the facts about sex so they can learn to make responsible choices.
The complete DR. Salk An excellent guide to the child’s emotional and physical development.
How to teach your child about sex Provides information you need in order to instil wholesome sexual attitudes in your children.
Different and wonderful Raising black children in a race-conscious society.
My problem child Practical strategies for understanding, helping and coping with your problem child.
Parents’ survival guide A directory and in-depth information on the Lower mainland.
The mother machine Talks about reproductive technologies from artificial insemination to artificial wombs.
The read aloud hand book Offers useful hints as to why the experience is so mutually rewarding and how to make it work.
A child is crying on the stairs Draws out a vivid portrait of child abuse.
The weekend parent Learning to live without fulltime kids.
The new American grandparent The new American grandparent Sociologists examine the changing roles of grandparents and how they strive for independence and family ties.
Five cries of Parents Help for families on troublesome issues.
Party shoes to school & baseball caps to bed The parents’ guide to kids, clothes and independence.
Eyeopeners How to choose and use children’s books about real people, places and things.
What would we do without you? A guide to volunteer activities for kids.
Life as we know it A father, a family and an exceptional child.
Developing children- their changing movements The basic premise of this book on motor development is that all children deserve the opportunity to become confident and competent in controlling their moving bodies.
AIDS proofing your kids This book gives parents and educators the crucial information on AIDS and shows them how to overcome barriers.
The Christmas box The touching story of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Together they discover the first gift of Christmas and learn what Christmas is really all about.
Earthquake Tells of a family living through an earthquake.
The Canadian peacekeeper Highlights Canada’s involvement in peacekeeping missions and operations over the past 45 years.
 Beyond Monet- The artful Science of Instructional Integration A practical book focusing on how to integrate a variety of instructional skills and strategies based on knowledge of how students learn.