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History of the Program

Advocates help people help themselves

It is active provincially, but to be most effective, many district PACs (Parent Advisory Councils) have set up and trained volunteer advocates to meet local unique needs and to work within the district's own administration and its policies and regulations.

We believe that parents are the best and natural advocates for their children and that as the students mature they are the best advocates for themselves. We are a resource and support in a process that we hope will empower and inform both the parent and the student. Our district advocates are selected and trained to comply with a strict code of ethics and procedures that keep the process confidential, on track, and parent/ student driven. We can provide information, materials, and support for individual parents that express concerns as well as inform parents/students of their rights, and of SD61 policies, and regulations. We can guide the client through the proper complaint and appeal procedures if need be and we will continually strive to keep issues clear and focused on early resolution.