To view the letter sent to the Board of Education from VCPAC regarding WiFi in schools, click here.

A Special General Meeting of VCPAC has been called for Tuesday, October 29th at Colquitz Middle School.

This meeting has been called to complete any recommendations deriving from the WiFi survey.

Please rsvp to to confirm your attendance.

2014 - 2015 VCPAC Executive

President - John Bird

Vice-President - Audrey Smith

Secretary - Brena Robinson

Treasurer - Wendy Joyce

Director - Kami Bourgeois

Director - Kyla Ward

Director - Norm Tandberg

Director - Tiffany Carlyle

Director - Vincenza Gruppuso

VCPAC will be conducting a survey next month on WiFi use in schools. The issue to be addressed is whether WiFi should be used in our schools and if so, what conditions, if any, should be placed on its use.  We encourage you to bring this issue to your next PAC meeting for discussion as we would like parents to become well informed before taking the survey.  Please see the following document for more information:

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