The following letter was sent to principals at the end of September for distribution to all parents in School District 61:


September 30, 2014

To All SD61 Parents and Staff

Re: Classroom Resources Fund



VCPAC is currently advocating for a process and structure entitled the “Classroom Resources Fund.” It is based on a vision that every child should have his or her educational needs met. This letter will provide you with the history of its development to date, details of how it fits into the current funding model and an opportunity to offer suggestions for its possible implementation.

VCPAC sent a letter to the Ministry of Education and the BC Teachers Federation today in regard to the labour dispute and educational issues.  To view the document, click here.

Moving our Culture – Schools and Families Learning Together

The title for this speech was originally “Moving our School Culture”.  But, as the sentences formed on the page, I realized that the concepts apply equally to home and school.  We believe not only that changing our culture is imperative, but also, that schools and families must work together to ensure the success of these changes.

What we now know about how the brain develops and how children learn gives us a great opportunity to improve our teaching and parenting methods.  Brain-based learning, multiple intelligences, personalized learning and self-regulation are just some of the terms we use to represent this expanded knowledge.  This knowledge base is also increasing very rapidly.  We must develop strategies to respond to this new knowledge on a continuous basis.

To view the letter sent to the Board of Education from VCPAC regarding WiFi in schools, click here.

A Special General Meeting of VCPAC has been called for Tuesday, October 29th at Colquitz Middle School.

This meeting has been called to complete any recommendations deriving from the WiFi survey.

Please rsvp to to confirm your attendance.

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