VCPAC will be covering the cost of BCCPAC memberships for our member PACs.  Go to and fill in the online membership registration form and submit.  If your PAC already paid their membership this year, send an email to  and we will reimburse you.  The registration deadline to be able to vote at the next BCCPAC AGM is December 15th.

The following list represents the unofficial results of the 2014 School Trustee Election.

Name                  Votes     Elected
Whiteaker, Ann 20, 252 YES
Nohr, Deborah 20,177 YES
Orcherton, Peg 20, 083 YES
McNally, Diane 20, 057 YES
Paynter, Rob 18, 926 YES
Leonard, Elaine 17, 855 YES
Loring-Kuhanga, Edith         17, 389 YES
Ferris, Tom 16, 940 YES
Watters, Jordan 16, 658 YES
Horsman, Bev 16, 351
Duncan, Nicole 14, 247
Rissuti, John 12, 458
MacIntosh, Ruth 12, 222


Wednesday November 26, 2014

at 6:00 p.m. at S.J. Willis School, 923 Topaz Ave.


VCPAC is hosting a PAC Congress for all parents interested in increasing their engagement in student achievement.  It will feature round table discussions designed to share expertise and allow opportunities to network with other parents.  Parent leaders, PAC Executives and other parents wishing to be more actively involved in this part of their child’s life will not want to miss this exceptional opportunity. Some of the topics planned are shown below.

Trustee candidates were asked to provide a short bio as well as written responses to a series of questions. Their bios and the answers to our questions are as follows:


The Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC) will be hosting two All Candidates Meetings for the public. These forum style meetings will allow the candidates to introduce themselves, and answer questions from the audience.

Wednesday, October 22nd from 7pm to 9pm at Esquimalt Community School

Wednesday, November 5th from 7pmto 9pm at Spectrum Community School



List of 2014 Trustee Candidates


For electors unable to vote on general election day, advance voting opportunities are planned. Consult your municipality for dates and times.


Township of Esquimalt

District of Oak Bay

District of Saanich

City of Victoria

Town of View Royal


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