Congratulations to the 2015 VCPAC Award Winners:

Inspirational Student Award - Nicola

Gail Edwards Memorial Award - Anita Girvan and Narda Nelson

Parents' Choice Award - Jenn Horton, John DiCicco and Trevor McKenzie

Arkell Award - Wendy Payne and Laura Anderson

New Teacher Award of Distinction - Alison Calestagne

Fine Arts Champion Award - Alex Clark, Denver Rawson and Nathan Georgesen

School Partnership Award - David Hovis

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2015 - 2016 VCPAC Executive (effective June 1)

President - Audrey Smith

Vice-President - John Bird

Secretary - Wendy Joyce

Treasurer - Brena Robinson

Director - Swati Scott

Director - Norm Tandberg

Director - Ted Godwin

Director - Kami Bourgeois

Director - Vincenza Gruppuso

2016 - 2017 VCPAC Executive (effective June 1)

President - Audrey Smith

Vice President:  Norm Tandeberg

Secretary:  Swati Scott

Treasurer:  vacant

Director:  Vincenza Gruppuso

Director:  Marketa Lund

Director:  Jodi Whiteman

Director:  Tamara Pillipow

Director:  vacant


March 26, 2015       Media Release

VCPAC calls on Minister of Education to Return Administrative Savings

VCPAC has sent a letter today to the Minister of Education recommending that he reverse the
recent decision to cut funding to districts pursuant to his Ministry’s directive to find administrative


“In our district, we have sought and achieved efficiencies in our administrative costs for many
years, said VCPAC President, John Bird.  “The recent cuts will return these savings to the province
instead of providing resources for our classrooms as we intended.”

Media Release

Letter to Minister of Education

Nominations are being accepted until May 4 for the 2018 VCPAC Awards. We have many amazing people in our district and this is our chance to show our appreciation of their contributions to our students. Our awards ceremony will take place during our May meeting.

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