Date Time Event Location
September 25 7-9 pm General Meeting Macaulay Elementary
October 23 7-9 pm General Meeting Arbutus Middle
November 27 7-9 pm General Meeting Rockheights Middle
January 22 7-9 pm General Meeting Braefoot Elementary
February 26 7-9 pm General Meeting George Jay Elementary
April 23 7-9 pm Annual General Meeting Doncaster Elementary
May 28 7-9 pm General Meeting and Awards Mt. Douglas Secondary

Don't forget to apply for the 2017/2018 PAC Gaming Grant.  The deadline is June 30.  For more information, visit:

Member PACs:

Please review the 2017 BCCPAC Resolutions in preparation for the April 25th VCPAC meeting.

Nominations are now being accepted for VCPAC Executive positions. Information can be found here. Please have a sponsoring PAC send in your nomination to  by April 19th. Nominations may also be made from the floor.

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