Priorities & Planning

Primary Goals:


#1 – To provide a strong parent voice at the district and provincial levels. Recognizing our role through the school act, to advocate for student success by advising the district education partners.

#2 – To advocate for student rights including access to programs, activities, and appropriate learning conditions throughout the district. Keeping parents informed of these rights and opportunities.

Supporting Initiatives:
  1. VCPAC will continue to support understanding and developing School Culture and Community by providing forums for discussion through our general meetings, PAC Congress, PAC Summit and online connection on our website.
  2. VCPAC will periodically provide information to parents regarding student and parent rights. VCPAC will provide time to discuss these rights periodically. This will include existing policies and processes as well as initiatives VCPAC members would like to be develop.
  3. VCPAC leaders will seek opportunities to engage with its members through ongoing communications and visits to PAC meetings to encourage discussion and obtain feedback about current issues or arising concerns to being to General VCPAC meetings.
  4. VCPAC will continue to build and maintain strong relationships at the school, district, and provincial levels to increase our ability to advocate for change that increases student acheivement.


Support Structures and Processes:


  1. General Meetings:
    1. Periodic panel discussions will focus on our two primary goals.
    2. Periodic guest speakers topics will help increase our understanding of district culture pertaining to our two primary goals
  2. Parent Engagement Events:
    1. VCPAC will host a PAC Chair Summit designed to connect parent leaders across the district and share how our PACs are functioning, their challenges are and what issues they would like to see moved forward to the general member body or more.
    2. VCPAC will host a PAC Congress designed to; provide training for new and aspiring PAC leaders, provide networking opportunities, to share solutions they have discovered, to learn more about our education partners and their roles in our children’s lives, and to learn about resources available in our community.
    3. VCPAC will continue to partner with SPEAC(the Sooke DPAC) and others in hosting the Vancouver Island Parent’s Conference. February 27
  3. Executive Structure:
    1. This year, the executive will form to committees to address our two goals. Audrey Smith will chair the Parent Voice committee and John Bird will chair the Student Rights and Services Committee.
    2. Each Executive member will be the liaison for a number of school PACs (see the list attached). They will begin and maintain periodic contact with the VCPAC rep and PAC Chair to provide direct access between our members and our executive. Please note who your liaison is and introduce yourself.