Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Gaming Grants

Parent Advisory Council and District Parent Advisory Council (PAC and DPAC) grants are intended to benefit K-12 students in British Columbia through the enhancement of extracurricular opportunities and community involvement. This page includes information about these grants, including: eligibility, grant amounts, application periods, how to apply, online application resources (tutorials, tips, FAQs, etc.) and more.

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Eligibility Parent Advisory Councils and District Parent Advisory Councils (PACs and DPACs). Details provided in Sections 3.3, 7.1-7.7 and 10 of the Community Gaming Grant - Guidelines (including PAC/DPAC grants) (PDF, 1.5MB)
Grant Amount PAC: minimum $20 per student
DPAC: $2,500 per year
Application One application per year.
Application Period Apply from Apr 1 to Jun 30 - Final notification: Sep 30

* Final notification date is the latest date that applicants will be notified about the result of their application.
Processing Fee None
Processing Time Grants will be paid as soon as possible in September, no later than September 30.

How to Apply

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