District News


School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) 2013/2014 Budget Planning Cycle








Achievement Contract to Ministry by July 15


District Goals are Established




Superintendent/Principals/School Planning Councils


School Planning & Goal Setting


October 11 to November 16


Public Input Requests to Determine Priorities


Letter from Superintendent to SPCs and Partner Groups


Meet With Principals to get Budget Priorities



Monday, January 14


Operations Policy and Planning Committee


Summary of Input Received to Determine Priorities


February 1


Provincial Funding Announcement


General Funding Announcement for 2013/2014; Details will not be available at this time.


Wednesday, February 6


Round Table Meeting to Discuss Priorities and to Receive Input on Budget Items


Feedback to Begin Developing Budget Recommendations for Consideration by the Board


March 15


Detailed Announcement of School District Funding


2013/2014 District Financial Position Determined


Wednesday, March 27


Public Board Budget Meeting


Public Board Budget Presentation


March 28 - April 10


SPC's and Partner Groups Review & Provide Feedback to the Board Re Budget Proposals


Feedback is Developed


Wednesday, April 10


Special Budget Meeting to Receive Public Input


Public Input Received


Wednesday, April 17


Special Board Meeting to Debate & Approve the Annual Budget


Approval of the 2013/2014 Annual Budget Bylaw


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